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Wartune Cheats

After the successful release of Wartune Hack, our team of experts diverted their efforts in making a great cheat tool for Wartune and finally we have made a fully functional Wartune Generator which is capable of generating unlimited amount of gold, Balens, Vouchers and free VIP in the game. With this Wartune cheat tool you can dominate the game easily.

Just imagine what power you can yield by using this cheat tool, since it can provide you a never ending supply of gold , you can buy almost all the weapons and armors in the game, winning all the battles will be so easy since you will posses great items at your side, with enhancing weapons and embedding will never be out of reach with great amount of gold. We have also added a hp hack, so that you can increase hp by any number. Getting fast level and completing quest will be so easy because you got all your reach to the best armors, rings and weapons in the game. With such a great amount of gold questing will be much more easier and no one on the server will win a battle from you.

Our Wartune hack tool is a one of a kind cheat which enables you to add all the four items in your account and moreover it generates items in less then a minutes, we bet no other cheat tool on the internet can add items this fast. We are also working on a Wartune Bot which is will be can help the users with the quest, we will code the bot in such a way that it will automatically receive and complete quest for the players, but seems to be a hard work and will be launched after 3 months and updates will be provided for free. The bot feature will help the players to save their time that they rather waste into completing quests, bot will also help the players gaining higher levels with no or very less efforts, but do not get amazed since it may take more time we have decided.

Like all of our hacks, this hack is also undetected so far and many of our premium users are using it to gain edge in the game and never complaint about any problems regarding safety issues, all got their accounts secure and working though they have added insane amount of gold,balance and vouchers in their accounts. We are also providing updates every week and enhancing the working of the tool and also taking care of safety issues. Its a all in one cheat tool which covers all the items in the game, enjoy the game to its full potential and never wait to buy any items, just use the cheat tool and add desired amount of gold and get the items instantly.

Wartune Cheats Hacks Tool Video Tutorial and Proof

Feature of the Wartune Hacks Tool and How To Use Them

  • Hack Balens
  • Hack Coins
  • Hack Vouchers

It works like all the other hacks on our website, to add items just start the game and select your browser and press “login” button. After successfully connecting the account, enter the desired amount of gold, silver, balens and vouchers and press “Start” button, the cheat tool will take some time to hack the items and you must wait for it.


Wartune hack Before:

Notice the amount of gold ,balens and vouchers in the image above.

Wartune hack After:



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  1. andrew Reply

    I appreciate you sharing this cheat post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

  2. Paul Reply

    Today she got a new update to Wartune! New features guys did a really good job! Thank you for everything

    • sam Reply

      Omg this thing is totally awesome. I don’t see it as a cheat but more as a way to strategies your survival rate and avoid nasty run in’s with game. I love this program it is very safe and reliable, and also make you just want to play the game even more. The staff is very helpful and give out great tips to keep you going in your adventure and happy along the way. There very awesome as far as support as well as they listen to there customer base and respond quickly constantly keeping this up to date and going strong

  3. claus Reply

    Thanks a lot now I can afford everything in this game.
    Wartune hack from imperiumfiles works very well

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