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Have you seen the new game on facebook Airport City? I am confident that you will surely know the applications and very willing to see a generator Coins and Airport Cash. Today we finished working on the Airport City Hack. Two weeks of hard work and now we have to admire the new version of Airport City Cheat just for you and only on the imperiumfiles! The program generates an unlimited amount of Coins and Cash Airport. Airport City trainer generator is a great tool for people who want to quickly and efficiently raise resources, and to be the best on facebook. This program will help you with this. Yesterday when we tested the Airport City Cheats tool that showed 100% safety and speed. In addition, we have added the proxy and automatically updated, so you will always have the current program, you only need to download the Airport City Coins Cash Generator and enjoy the game.

Airport City

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Just look at the program and you will know everything. We create programs so that they are easy to understand. You open the Airport City Cheat tool and enter the user id and select the language you choose the browser, then you press the “Connect”. You go to the “Control Panel” where you enter the amount of Coins and Cash Airport. Once this is done you press the “ADD”. After a while refreshing your browser.

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About Airport City Facebook Game:

Airport City is a new Facebook management game by 6waves developer recently. In this game, you will have chance to take the role as the manager of an airport; meanwhile, you also run the city, which generates revenues for the construction of the airport and also get passengers for your flights.

Although combining an airport management game with city-building elements seems to be a twist, in term of the core gameplay, Airport City actually doesn’t quite distinguish itself from the rest simulation games on Facebook.

You place commercial buildings and residential houses in order to earn money and population for you. Road also need to be built adjacent to each building so that it can work. However, road does not actually need to connect to anything else. So you don’t need to do in the same way that you do in Rollercoast Mania, in which you have to place the queue line path to link a ride with the footpath. Unlike most other city building games, you don’t have any “energy” points or the similar constriction to deal with in this game. This means that you can collect revenues from any number of buildings and you don’t need to worry about the consumption of energy by each click. Sometimes you will get bonus earnings if you can click on those dropped items fast enough to keep the bonus gauge going.

“Oil” is a precious item in the game. Depending on the distance of flight, it consumes different amount of oil, takes different time to complete and earns you more and less coins and experience points. Of course, you need to fill your airplane with passengers, build a hanger to deploy each of your airplane. Each flight needs to land, unload, reload and then take off again, so you need to take just a minute or two to do some simple clicks. Sometimes you will be prompted from the air traffic control tower to accept a transit flight landing on your runway, which costs you some oils but no passengers, and earns you a few coins and experiences as well. Doing quests is the last but the quickest way to gain experiences and if you do not know what to do next, you’d better check with the quest list to complete them. You can progress very fast in the early stage of the game in this way.

But the trouble emerges when you will have to buy a certain business building just to complete the tutorials. And like any other Facebook city simulation games, it’s very expensive; and then you will need premium items which are either gifted by your friends or by forking out Facebook credit in order to complete it. You do not have other choices and you are never given any prompts as to which “special” items are needed until you proceed to the final stage. Likewise, you will soon need to buy an empty land plot to expand your city. It’s also expensive. Actually, if you play a bit longer, you will find that almost every quest requires you paying real world money either for special item or to bypass the long waiting hours.

Airport City has its ups and downs: the art design is satisfactory and the air traffic radio sound is nice and you are provided with a great amount of jobs to do in order to popularize your city; but the outcome largely depends on how much you love this game and how much cash you are willing to throw in; alternatively, if you have some active Facebook friends who are willing to follow you and lend you a hand, it will also be O.K, otherwise, just pass the game.


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